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 What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about a Holiday or celebration?  To most people it would be food.   What would those in need and without any food think when there is a Holiday or celebration?

Many years ago, while crossing a bridge I saw a man walking in a very sad and defeated way.    Typically I have always been very sociable and an excellent conversation starter.  For some reason, I stopped to ask him how he was; even when it was clear he was having a terrible day.  Suddenly a conversation starts and by his clothing I could tell he was in dire economical situation.  I felt a bit awkward when this man starts tearing and then broke into all out crying.   When I learned he had not eaten in three days, I offered to seat at a nearby fast food to continue our talk.  When we stepped away from  the bridge, he looked back and told me ''you just saved my life, I was walking to the middle of the bridge to jump''.

That day I learned that all it takes is a little pocket money, a little kindness and only a couple of moments to save a human life.  Even when we may have nothing to give, even a kind word could make a huge difference.  Are we our brother's keeper? you can bet we are.

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Twenty million doggies are brutally killed every year.

People think this cruelty will stop rabies.


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